Legal Expertise You Can Rely On

Integrity, Trust, & Affordable Legal Representation

 The Law Office of Melanie Katz Silverstein aims to adequately and vigorously represent their clients with the zeal and compassion that those affected by the law often need. The Office bases its ideals and principles on: Integrity, Trust, and Affordable Legal Representation.

When I decided to hang out my shingle and open up my law firm, it was because I was ready to provide people with a place to go to with their legal troubles and really feel like someone cared about them.  I want to be that advocate for my client who listens to their needs, applies my legal knowledge to their situations, and makes sure the forthcoming result is in their best interest. I strive to practice law each and every day with the passion to uphold the integrity of democracy and the American justice system.

So many clients tell me that after leaving my office, they feel like I really listened to them and truly care about the legal issues they have. This is because I do care. It amazes me how many attorneys get paid their fees and THEN get to know their client & their needs. People need to feel like their attorneys know what really happened in their situation and they are not just another paying client in their file cabinet.

I promise to make sure that every person who is represented by the Law Office of Melanie Katz Silverstein knows that the door is always open and that when you call, the phone will actually be answered. Clients will be met with before the morning of their day of court and will never be silenced to tell their side of the story. I want my work to establish some kind of tangible answer for my clients and to make sure that the term “presumed innocent” is not thrown to the wayside by the court system. I also want my clients to feel satisfied after their divorce becomes final or the Judge issues support or custody orders.

The Law Office of Melanie Katz Silverstein wants to make you feel confident you have hired a lawyer who exemplified Integrity, Trust, and Affordable Legal Representation.